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✨ Moonlit Silver Biodegradable Glitter! ✨
Alternative Imagination

✨ Moonlit Silver Biodegradable Glitter! ✨

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✨ Moonlit Silver is that glitter that gives you everything you’ve been wanting: the holographic twinkle of scintillating platinums, steels, and grey that is also environmentally responsible and biodegradable!

All Gilt Without the Guilt!

Our glitter is made of plant cellulose that will biodegrade in most environments, but still hold up when combined with lotions, gels, oils, and other cosmetics! Whether you want to wear some on your body for the night or apply it to your blush for the day, this glitter will hold up to your style!

Comes in a resealable barrier-sealed pouch to protect from moisture!

Cosmetic Grade
✨ Works well with lotions, aloe gel, oils, and more!
✨ That means it's also perfect for craft projects like art, soap, etc., as well as cosmetics.

Choose From: 1/4 ounce, 1/2 ounce, 1 ounce package

Check out our Biodegradable Glitter page for more information!

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