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How to Burn California White Sage

These burning instructions can be used for any of our incense bundles, including: 

California White Sage, Blue Sage, Yerba Santa, Juniper, Cedar, and even Palo Santo.

Burning sage can be as detailed or as simple as you want it to be, but it’s of the highest importance that your intent is clear before you begin. If you are burning sage to purify a space, yourself or a person, then this has to be distinctly planted in your mind before you light the sage, and while taking the smoke around a home, or through a confined space.

First, for a total cleansing, open all doors and windows of space to be cleared, providing an exit point for old energies. 

A long-handled lighter, candle, or match stick is needed to light the herbs till it smokes. Once there's a flame, put out the fire so that the herb is smoldering, not burning. Allow the smudge herbs to smolder till the smoke circles in the air.

  • Smudging A Space or Room: For cleansing a house, begin by offering smoke to the four cardinal directions outside the house, beginning with the east, to the south, then west and closing with the north. Starting at the lowest level of your house, move upwards, light the smudge and walk round the perimeter, paying close attention to the corners and areas behind doors. You can also fan the smoke throughout the room using a large feather. Repeat this aloud or in your mind: "I break up and release all negative and stagnant energy in this place. May peace, light and divine love be ever present."
  • Smudging Yourself: Fan swirls of smoke around your body from head to toe using your hands or a feather. You may focus mainly on chakra areas where you feel there are blockages or where there has been or is a physical or emotional pain. Visualize the smoke lifting away all the negative thoughts, energies, and emotions that have attached themselves to you. 
  • Smudging Another Person: Smudge them as if you were smudging yourself, fanning the smoke swirls all over their body. It is appropriate to smudge guests as they enter the space at a ritual, ceremony or special event. If you are smudging a group, smudge yourself first. Offer smoke to the seven cardinal directions (east, south, west, north and up, down and center).
  • During Healing Work: Fan the smoke over the patient either by your hand or with feathers. You may as well direct smudge to each of the person's chakras and as you do so, visualize each chakra coming into balance. If you can view auras, look for discolored places in the aura and direct the healing smoke towards those locations on the patient's body. (Be careful in the case of people with respiratory difficulties and/or pregnant women)
  • Smudging Objects: Hold the objects to be purified in the smoke or fan the smoke over them. 

Extinguishing The Smudge: Keep ready a fireproof container such as a glass or ceramic dish to put the smudge in when you're done. It's ideal to damp out the herb in sand or simply press it against the bottom of the fireproof container. Always ensure that a smoldering smudge herb is out before leaving the room.

If you can at least burn sage in your living space on a weekly basis, then you are guaranteed to notice a lightness of energy and calmness descend into your home from this practice. If you're looking for high-quality, ethically cultivated and offered sage, look no further than Alt Naturals.


Smoke-free Sage Cleansing

White Sage Spray

Alternative Imagination’s smoke-less White Sage Hydrosol Spray is an easy way to cleanse a space or object without burning white sage. There is no smoke or fire to agitate any sensitivities or that break dorm or apartment rules. The hydrosol spray smells great without being over-powering and won’t stain or linger too long.

To use: while repeating your blessings, spray as needed around the house to dispel negativity.

Caution: Avoid spraying onto exposed skin, on animals, or on furniture/decorations that can be damaged by water or essential oils. This product is not intended for consumption.

White Sage Spray available for purchase here.





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