No Bright Light Blocking Stickers!

 Bring on the night with No-Bright's Light Blocking Stickers! Each sticker reduces 50-80% total visible light for less headaches and better sleep at night!

Cover annoying lights emitted by your electronics and still be able to read the time or know if the device is powered.

Blackout stickers for electronics may block info like the time, but No-Bright's stickers block 50-100% of the light, depending on which style you choose!
Studies show that excess light exposure can interrupt sleep, cause headaches, migraines, or nausea. Our LED blocking stickers help reduce the amount of overall light exposure. Other light diffuser stickers either do not offer superior dimming. Our black film adhesive covers are made of vinyl smart tint technology and a non-toxic, super sticky adhesive. The sticker blocks the brightest light while still allowing text and symbols through to be read.

No Bright’s Partial Eclipse has over 200 light covers on 2 sheets. 

These stickers are seriously sticky, but easy to peel, place, and remove if needed, and the variety of styles and sizes will fit just about every style of light nuisance. Use at home in the bedroom or living, bring to work or to your hotel room. Be comfortable wherever you go!

To use:
1) Clean the area for best results with the adhesive.
2) Remove the backing from the sticker.
3) Place the sticker directly over the light.
4) Enjoy the dimmer room!
No-Bright’s Total Eclipse Light Blocking Stickers are the LED light cover you've been looking for!