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Triquetra Wind Chime (Clearance)
Triquetra Wind Chime (Clearance)
Alternative Imagination

Triquetra Wind Chime (Clearance)

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This lovely wind chime gets its sound from the small bells on the chime. It’s made primarily of brass with acrylic beads to accent.

The sound is pleasant and light so it’s perfect for hanging outdoors in a breezy spot. You can also hang it on a door and it will sound when the door is opened or closed.

Triquetra is Latin for “three cornered.” It can also be referred to as the Trinity Knot or the Celtic Triangle. The trio has a plethora of meanings including: Mind, Body, Soul; Maiden, Mother, Crone; Past, Present, Future; and many more.

The chime itself is approximately 5" tall. With the chain the total length is approximately 9.5"

So What's Wrong With It?
Nothing! It just doesn't match our other Triquetra chimes

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