Wooden Om Incense Holder (Clearance)
Wooden Om Incense Holder (Clearance)
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Wooden Om Incense Holder (Clearance)

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Enjoy this cute handicraft wooden incense holder! It holds up to 7 incense sticks and one cone incense in the brass inlays.

The center features the symbol of the Om; the sound of the universe and mantra used in meditation.

Measures approximately 4" in diameter, and 0.25" tall

So What's Wrong With It?
#1 has a flaw in the Om design and a missing grommet

#2 the little brass plate is flawed and the holes that hold the incense sticks are flawed.

Please select carefully! There are different options on our menu and each is for a specific burner. The picture will change according to which one you select.

All items purchased from Clearance are final!

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