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Wiccan Altar Supply Kits

Wiccan Altar Supply Kits here!

Alternative Imagination is excited to offer our newest bundles for the Wiccans looking to start their craft or for a value bundle! Here we have compiled information on each item that we hope you find helpful.



Triple Moon Altar Cloth: A highly recognizable symbol that resembles the Triple Goddess. Each phase of the moon represents the phase of the woman: Maiden (Waxing), Mother (Full), Crone (Waning). Maiden represents birth, youth, and enchantment. Mother represents fertility, stability, and power, amongst many other things. Crone represents wisdom, death, and the end.

The Pentacle Altar Plate: The Pentacle is a powerful symbol that has come to represent magic and the elements of the natural and spiritual world. This plate is used to concentrate power and energy, as well as a place to set offerings to the spirits. 

Tree of Life Copper Offering Bowl: Many cultures have a Tree of Life that connects the Earth to other realms (heavens, hells, or other), and copper is said to help channel receptive energies that aid in the connection. Place offerings to your deities in this bowl, or mix salts and/or herbs for your rituals. 


The God and Goddess Candles: Many Wiccans follow one or more deities and keep candles on their altars as a representation. These candles let the deities know they are honored and welcomed in the sacred space. The God candle sits at the top left of the altar, while the Goddess candle sits at the top right. The candles do not have to be lit; that is up to the discretion of the practitioner. 

California White Sage: This potent herb has been used for centuries by Native Americans to cleanse and protect people, objects, or places. Many people today use sage to cleanse their homes of any negative energies and to protect the new place. Using sage before a ceremony or ritual at the altar to cleanse the space of any negative energy that may cause a ritual to fail.

Palo Santo: It’s translation means “Holy Wood” and for good reason: Palo Santo was used be the natives of the Central American and South American regions in ceremonies and rituals to cleanse and purify. It is still popular to this day, with many people using to cleanse and purify their own spaces. For the altars, it used much like sage. 

Salts: White salt is used for protection, cleansing, and offerings on the altar. Added to water, it can be sprinkled around a person or place to help purify a space. It is also added to mixtures for spell-crafting or offerings, depending on what is required. Black salt helps in grounding, and can be used in spell-crafting and offerings. Many Wiccans make their own salt with salt, burned charcoal, ashes, and other ingredients they may find important. Pink salt is used in cleansing as well as spellwork to provide a boost in mood, heart, and love. Once any salt is used, it must be disposed so not to contaminate any future work with the energies it accumulated. Some Wiccans will bury their mixtures or pour them into bodies of water. Putting them down a drain or into a can is fine as well; not everyone has a patch of ground or body of water readily available. These salts are not for consumption! 

Triquetra Altar Table: The Triquetra is Latin for “three cornered” and has come to represent three powerful symbols depending upon the meaning given to it. Mind, Body, Soul. Maid, Mother, Crone. Past, Present, Future. Also known as the Celtic Cross, or the Trinity Knot for Jesus, God, and the Holy Ghost. 

Altar Chime: The clear ringing of a bell is said to banish negative energies and spirits; even the mere presence of a bell can be protective. Many use the bell at the start of a ritual or ceremony to clear these negativities as well as to call upon the good. Some say it alerts deities to your actions so they may watch over you. 

Chime Candles: There is no shortage of purpose and use for these candles. Spells, meditation, celebrations, or even just simple prayer, chime candles are exceptionally useful. For spellwork, practitioners use colors to invoke specific intents and outcomes. Some anoint candles with essential oils to enhance effects (as well as to provide some aromatherapy). 

The color of the chimes can have significance. Here is a list of some of the meanings.

  • White: Cleansing, Purity, Peace, Innocence, Divination, Positivity
  • Black: Protection, Banish Negativity, Magic
  • Brown: Earth, Stability, House Blessing, Animals, Clear-Thinking
  • Orange: Creativity, Ambition, Opportunity, Celebration, Energy, Attract Object
  • Purple: Spiritual Enhancement, Third Eye, Break Bad Habits
  • Yellow: The Sun, Air, Confidence, Intelligence, Memory, Masculinity, Positivity
  • Pink: Love, Friendship, Heart, Manturity, Femininity, Nuturing, Relaxation
  • Green: Luck, Wealth, Growth, Earth, Success, Jealousy
  • Blue: Protection, Focus, Fortune, Water, Truth, Calm
  • Red: Fire, Passion, Survival, Lust, Action, Health, Strength, Defense



The information presented was gathered by internet researches of folklores, cultures, and histories. It is meant for educational and entertainment purposes, and does not guarantee any special supernatural or healing qualities. Remember to practice good fire safety when using the candles and incense, and do not ingest the salts.