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How to Burn Resins

How to Assemble - Brass Bowl and Tibetan Plate Resin Burners

Brass Resin Burner Assembly
Tibetan Resin Burner Assembly

To burn resins on a charcoal puck:

  1. Assemble your burner as shown in graphic above.
  2. Hold the puck over a flame (on the opposite edge!).
  3. When it starts to sparkle a little or make a crackling sound, place the puck down on a heat-resistant surface, like our Tibetan Incense Burner, or Brass Incense Burner.
    Alternatively, you can use a torch lighter to light the puck while it is in the burner.
  4. Let it rest for about one minute.
    Pass your hand over top the puck, careful not to touch, and if you can feel the heat coming off of it then it is ready.
    You can even wait until there is a fine white ash on the puck. 
  5. Place the Resin on top of the puck, and you’re all set!


CAUTION: The incense burner will get hot as the charcoal burns! Do not touch the burner until the charcoal has been exhausted and the burner has cooled. Place the brass burner on the wooden coaster to avoid any damage to furniture. Place the Tibetan Plate burner on a heat proof surface to avoid any damage to the furniture. Never leave burning incense alone. Always practice good fire safety habits. Resin smokes when it melts!


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