How to Use Candle Votive Molds & Pins

Alternative Imagination Votive Molds & Pins are simple to use! 

You Will Need:
- Votive Molds & Wick Pins
- Mold release spray
- Melted Wax of choice
- Pliers
- Hot knife
- Wicks

How to Use Candle Votive Molds & Pins

* Before you begin: Votive Molds & Wick Pin sets are sold new and therefore unused, but in case you've used it before - please make sure before you begin that there are no remnants of wax in the molds. To clean use a mild soap with water.

Step 1: Place the wick pin in the votive mold, ensuring that it's laying flat on the bottom of the mold.

Step 2: Gently spray a mold release into your mold.

Step 3: Pour wax of choice into the mold, pouring down the side of the mold if possible. This helps eliminate bubbling. Pour to the very top of the mold, bubbling over a little but not off the side. 

Step 4: Wait until the wax is completely cooled before attempting to remove from the mold. This will vary depending on which wax you used. If you are unsure, ask your supplier, or experiment!

Step 5: To remove the candle, pull on the portion of the wick pin that stands out of the mold. You may have to wiggle the candle in back and forth, and circular motions while pulling. Pliers help with removing the candle.

Step 6: Once the candle is out use a hard surface to knock the pin on and pop it out of the candle. Be sure that the surface you use can handle the force, otherwise you will end up knocking dents or holes into the surface you use. 

Step 7: There will be a rim of wax at the base. Use the hot knife to level it out. Then insert the wick.


How to use Votive Molds

**1: If you are having trouble removing the candle from the mold its possible you need to use more mold release spray.  

To get a stuck candle out of the mold, place the candle in the freezer for approximately 30 minutes only if it is completely cooled off. The candle should be easier to remove at this time.

**2:  The base of the Wick Pin is slightly smaller in diameter than the base of the Votive Mold. This is to ensure that the Pin and candle are able to be pulled out of the Mold.

Because of this the wax will have poured around the base of the Wick Pin, and will create a rim of wax around the bottom of the candle you've just made. 

To put the final touches on your candle we recommend carefully using a hot knife to trim the wax off the bottom and even out the candle.