Sweetgrass Burning Instructions


Sweetgrass lives up to its name with its light and pleasant aroma. Many Native American cultures consider sweetgrass sacred, and burn the plant to bring in positive energy or spirits. 

Here are two ways to burn sweetgrass.

1. Place a charcoal tablet in an incense burner of your choice and set alight. Cut small pieces of the sweetgrass, maybe an inch long, and carefully place on the burning charcoal. Remember, the burner can get hot, so be careful not to touch it unless it is properly insulated. Many people choose to use sand inside their burner to absorb the heat. The sweetgrass will start to burn with the charcoal.
2. Have a fireproof container available, like an abalone shell or soapstone bowl, to catch any falling ashes or embers. Start with trimming the end you wish to burn. An inch should be sufficient of the smaller tip. If you start at the larger end, trim until you reach green. Hold the end in a flame and allow to burn, turning the braid slowly to allow all sides to be exposed to the flame. It may take several seconds to smolder or catch fire. Blow out the flames on the braid and you can waft or shake the braid. Make sure your hand is not too close to the burning end. 


Sweetgrass blades are very thin and can burn quickly. Remember to exercise fire safety caution when you are cleansing with it. 

Walk around the space you wish to cleanse and to heal and wave the burning sweetgrass carefully. Enjoy the aroma as well as a fresher, cleaner space!