Nag Champa Bundle with Alternative Imagination Incense Burner

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This paired listing of our Tibetan Incense Burner Plate and the legendary incense inspired by Indian spiritual teacher, Sathya Sai Baba, offers exceptional value. 

Nag Champa Agarbatti is one of the most popular incenses in the world. Its scent is sweet and earthy, traditionally used for meditation and spiritual worship. Each hand-rolled stick is about 1 gram of masala base blended with Champa flower and other exotic herbs. 

The beautiful Tibetan incense burner is perfect for various types of incense. There are 5 holes to hold stick incense in place, as well as indentations for cone varieties or loose sage. 

Sustainably made from recycled aluminum, the antiqued silver finish of this incense burner showcases the intricate detail of its design. The top side depicts four auspicious symbols of Tibetan Buddhism: the endless knot, the lotus, the two fish, and the treasure vase. The other side features leafy scrollwork and geometric designs.

 Choose from 100g or 250g of Nag Champa.

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