Alternative Imagination Premium Carved Brass Screen Burner with Loose Cedar Incense

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This Alternative Imagination brand kit features a beautiful, Carved Brass Incense Burner bowl, and 1oz loose, dried Cedar leaves. Comes with charcoal to burn the Cedar.

Cedar trees are found all over the world and are used by many cultures for construction, incense, rituals, and protection from insects or disease. Many Native American cultures view cedar as a medicine of protection, and it is one of four sacred plants indigenous to North America (sage, sweetgrass, and tobacco are the other three).

Use your cedar smudge to cleanse your home and protect the home from unwanted spirits or negative energies. Burning cedar also helps drive away insects.

Caution: The brass burner will become hot once the charcoal is burning. Please do not touch the burner until the charcoal is exhausted and the burner is cool. To prevent damage to furniture, place the burner on the wooden coaster provided, and keep the burner away from flammable objects. Always practice good fire safety when burning incense.

Contents of this kit:
1 - Carved, Brass Screen Burner (approximately 2.5” in diameter, and 2” tall)
1 - 1 ounce dried, loose Cedar Leaves
10 - Charcoal pucks

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