2 Angels - Shaped White Ivory Beeswax Candles

$12.99 USD

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Angelic Aesthetic

Spruce up your space with these charming decorative candles, which portray purity and peace. Let them bring a sense of guidance and protection to your home decorations.

Alternative Imagination Angel Candles are handcrafted in small batches to ensure the highest quality and customer satisfaction 

We are proudly working with ethical bee farms and use only sustainably-sourced beeswax that is filtered using a chemical-free filtration system which leaves the beeswax with its naturally sweet, honey-like aroma, and beautiful white ivory coloring.

This yummy-smelling beeswax is then melted down at the perfect temperature, and hand poured into candles by our small team in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Each set will come with 2 Pure White Ivory Beeswax Angel Candles.

Dimensions are approximately:
4" inches tall
3.25" inches wide at wing tips


These Angel Candles were Made in USA

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