Soft Stone Mortar & Pestle (Clearance)

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This decorative mortar and pestle set is carved from soapstone, a soft metamorphic rock that naturally comes in many different colors and patterns.

Mortars and pestles have been used for centuries to grind plants, herbs, and spices into a fine powder or paste. While this can be used for grinding materials, this product is not intended for use in grinding materials meant for consumption. It can be used to make herbal or spice mixtures for spell-work or as decoration.

Due to the extremely soft nature of soapstone, we recommend these Mortar & Pestle for decoration only

The mortar is about 3” high and 4” wide
The opening is about 3.75” wide and 2” deep
The pestle is about 4“ long 

So What's Wrong With It?
The mortar & pestle is hefty but is made of very soft stone and makes it prone to chips. These will contain chips or cracks. 

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