Turtle Incense Holder

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This ADORABLE Turtle Incense Burner Bowl is made of solid brass and the shell is shaped like a bowl; perfect for burning incense cones! At the base of the head is a spot for a mini incense stick (5”-6”). It even works with charcoal tablets* with resins or loose herbs!

Choose from the Turtle by itself or with a package of 10 Palo Santo incense cones to make it a set.

Palo Santo, also known as “Holy Wood”, has a citrusy, woodsy aroma with hints of vanilla and mint. Its fragrant smoke is said to drive away negative energies, dispel misfortune, and clear the mind of bad thoughts. Burn Palo Santo to cleanse your home or right before yoga to aid in relaxation. Our cones are sourced directly from South America and made with sustainably and ethically harvested Palo Santo shavings held together by an all-natural vegetable glue.

To use: Place your incense of choice, light, and enjoy. *Remember: the turtle is solid brass and can get VERY hot when in use. Place on a protective, heat-proof surface (like a ceramic or wooden coaster) to protect your table, and do not pick it up until it cools completely! Practice proper fire safety!

To clean: After the incense and Turtle Incense Bowl cools, discard the ashes, wipe with a warm, soapy washcloth, and dry with a soft cloth. The brass will hold up through many uses, but may become dull after a time; occasionally clean and buff your turtle to keep it shiny, if that is your preference.

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